Why Us

Your Farm Friendly Agency

Countryside Insurance Group has a very diverse experience in all types of Ohio farms from Grain, Dairy, Confinement, Poultry, Specialty, Agritourism and Equine we have them all.

What Makes us Different?

We work hard to be a leader in insuring farms and Agri business from the companies we use, to the trainings we receive. Most importantly we are always enhancing our skills and using our prior experiences in the farm insurance business. We are active farmers of several farms in the area, and that provides us with the knowledge to truly understand the financial risk it takes to be a farmer in Ohio.


At Countryside Insurance Group we strive to provide the best services. We get to know our customers and their families and build a relationship with them. We have many outstanding companies we can work with to provide the most competitive prices along with the best coverages. Our agents have the knowledge and experience to help with your insurance needs.


CIGP can help your business to have the best possible coverage and price to insure your business from a storefront, auto repair, manufacture and more.  Request a visit with us to find out more.


Annual Farm Visits

At Countryside Insurance Group we visit each policyholder annually to make sure their policy is reflecting their current operation, whether new equipment has been purchased or another barn has been built we strive to make sure there are no gaps in coverages.

These farm visits are crucial to having a top-notch farm policy.  Not only is it very important to see that your policy has the correct deductibles and discounts, but to have the proper coverages on all structures and equipment that fits them appropriately to make sure there is no gaps in your policy

Your Farm Friendly Agent


CIGP is truly the expertise in the field when it comes to insuring Ohio farm and agri business to the insurance companies we use are top in the industry for insuring farm & agri business. We are also active farmer ourselves and that provides us with the knowledge to truly understand the financial risk to be a farmer.

We know farms and ranches vary greatly in their size, scope and needs we offer insurance policies for the agribusiness of all sizes and types. We provide customizable protection tailored to each operation, whether it involves Grain, Confinement, Dairy, Equine or Agritourism.

Our farm and ranch packaged policy conveniently combines personal, farm, business property and liability coverages into a single policy simplifying your life and your insurance protection.


At Countryside Insurance Group we provide the very best service for your farms crop insurance needs.  We will customize each policy to fit the needs of your farm to maximize coverage but at the same time keep money in your pocket.

Important Dates!

(Subject to change)

Corn & Soybeans

March 15 ~ Sales Closing for Corn and Soybeans

April 5th ~ Earliest Plant date to qualify for replant coverage on Corn for Miami, Darke, Jay & Randolph

April 10th ~ Earliest Plant date to qualify for replant coverage on Corn for Shelby, Auglaize, Mercer, Logan & Hardin

April 20th ~ Earliest Plant date to qualify for replant coverage on Soybeans for Miami, Darke, Jay & Randolph

April 22nd ~ Earliest Plant date to qualify for replant coverage on Soybeans for Shelby, Auglaize, Mercer, Logan & Hardin

June 5th ~ Final Plant Date for CORN (late plant period until June 30th)

June 20th ~ Final Plant Date for SOYBEANS (late plant period until July 15th)

July 15th ~ Acreage reporting deadline

September 15th ~ PREMIUM DUE for Corn and Soybeans (interest attaches September 30th)

December 10th ~ End of Insurance Period


September 30th ~ Sales Closing for Wheat

October 20th ~ Final Plant Date (late plant period until Oct. 25th)

November 15th ~ Acreage reporting deadline & final correction date

July 1st ~ PREMIUM DUE for Wheat (the following year)

October 30th ~ End of Insurance Period (the following year)

Specialty Ag

CIGP has the experience and resources to insure specialty farm & ag business in Ohio from agritourism, Commercial Equine, Commercial Ag & more.

Special Event

CIGP can help you with all Ohio special event needs, whether its Liability coverage, protection from weather or even cancellations we have you covered.

  • Fairs
  • Weddings
  • Tractor pulls
  • Ceremonies
  • Celebrations
  • Events

Give us a call or Request a consultation and see how we can help with your event needs!

Life & Finance

We take the time to understand your needs on an individual basis and educate you on the various financial services available to you and your family. We strive to offer the expert education and assistance you can expect for achieving monetary stability and security – to make your planning process that much easier.

We offer Life and health Insurance based on the specific needs of your life. After meeting with you we can work with a company that will match those needs and provide the best policy for you and your family.

Planning for the future has never been more important. By looking ahead at your financial situation and planning accordingly, you can secure your future independence. By working with our agency we can evaluate your current situation, answer any questions, offer honest and professional advice, and help you choose the right financial services to make sure you get where you want to be in the future.