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Cyber Liability

Security breach incidents are on the rise and many small businesses have already been impacted by some level of cyber-attack. 

Our Cyber Liability coverage offers businesses peace of mind and protection in today’s technology-driven world.

Cyber Liability provides the following benefits:

  • Claims-made coverage for damages arising out of security breach incidents and provides coverage for insureds whose data system has been breached.
  • Data response services
  • Privacy Liability including a violation of privacy law or breach notice law
  • Regulatory Defense and Penalties – claims expenses and penalties
  • PCI fines, expenses and costs
  • Information Security Liability

Why does your business need Cyber Liability?

  • 62% of victims are small to mid-size businesses
  • Companies without insurance can expect to pay more for breach losses
  • Storing data on the cloud does not eliminate a company’s responsibility

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